Relegation awaits Hull, Middlesbrough, Sunderland

The Premier League season is entering its final phase.

While it's hard to see any other team than Chelsea winning the Premier League, it's still unclear which teams will be relegated to the Championship.

Right now Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland occupy the three relegation spots, but will it also be those three teams that will leave the Premier League at the end of the season? 

Premier League bottom table:

13. Burnley 32 pts

14. Watford 31 pts

15. Leicester 30 pts

16. Crystal Palace 28 pts

17. Swansea 27 pts


18. Hull 24 pts

19. Middlesbrough 22 pts

20. Sunderland 20 pts 

To get relegated from Premier League 16/17 Best odds Bookmaker
Hull, Middlesbrough & Sunderland 11/10
Middlesbrough, Sunderland & Swansea 6/1
Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough & Sunderland 7/1
Hull, Sunderland & Swansea 9/1
Crystal Palace, Hull & Sunderland 14/1
Hull, Middlesbrough & Swansea 20/1
Burnley, Middlesbrough & Sunderland 33/1


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