888sport review

As the name suggests, 888sport is part of the "triple-8 family", a company deep rooted in the world of gambling. Over the years the company have made a strong impression on the casino and poker verticals. With bonus offers aimed at both new and existing customers, as well as highly competitive odds, all based on the same stable software platform as Unibet, we are confident of recommending 888sport to our users.


The range of markets is - like most other places - centered on major sports and leagues. The main attraction is football, where 888sport offer great coverage on all major leagues. In most cases, you are able to bet on almost any upcoming event from early on.

Within most sports, secondary levels are covered deep down the league pyramids, and you will rarely stumble upon a missing event or sport.

Punters already familiar with Unibet will surely recognize the range of markets at offer. This is due to the fact that both providers use the same supplier (Kambi), meaning that there is virtually a 1:1 match between what you find at 888sport and Unibet. Meanwhile, every now and then, exclusive markets only available at 888sport can be found, but in general the markets offered are mostly identical.

  • Lots of specials
  • no charges
  • Rarely market leading odds
  • no Skrill payments
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Pick types

On a good share of individual events you will find the biggest number of gaming options, including a great variety of special bets.

888sport offer what is probably the biggest range of special bets in the market on virtually every sport and league drawing just a bit of attention, with TV broadcasted events being most prevalent. You will find all possible forms of match specials, player specials, margin bets, over/under on a great variety of objects, and much more.

Any event from ie. Premier League you will rarely find below 200 different markets. If you move a few steps down the league pyramid, ie to the English National Conference, you will still find more than 30 markets per match.

Again, it should be emphasized that markets on offer are virtually identical to Unibet due to the common supplier.

888sport Odds

In terms of theoretical payout, 888sport is near the top of the market, based on a total sum of the 30+ leagues we continuously monitor for this purpose. Despite this impressive status, 888sport tend to balance their odds in a way that they rarely offer highest payout on one single league.

The advantage of this spread of high payout ratio on the full range of offers, is that you as a customer is offered a product that is offers an attractive margin throughout, rather than just on major leagues/sports. The downside, however, is that - theoretically - you will rarely will get the highest odds in the market on individual outcomes.

When observing the sports and leagues outside the most-profiled ones, we find that the theoretical payout ratio decreases significantly.

Sampling evidence shows that the odds at 888sport and Unibet are 100% similar on same events, meaning that what you get from 888sport, you can also get from the other.

888sport Livebetting

Like the pre-match supply, 888sport is also well advanced in the market in terms of live betting.

The vast range of offers and markets is attributable to the supplier, Kambi, and again this is virtually identical to what you find with Unibet in terms of both markets, types and odds. A major difference between the two platforms, though, is that 888sport do not offer live streaming.

The live betting platform is active almost 24/7, and the various live matches can be combined into multiples. If you have placed a bet on a live event, you will often be offered the option to make use of "Cash-in" feature, which provides a way to "sell" your live bet if you for some reason have lost faith or want to take profit before the event is completed.


The website is built in Flash - a technology that can be challenging for ease of use, but works almost flawlessly here. Navigation back and forth between sports, leagues and events work smoothly, and all menus and navigational items are mostly logically situated.

888sport make use of the industry standard way of presenting an always visible betslip, and through this clients also have easy and fast access to current and past games. However, one thing missing is a direct way of showing wagering progress of bonuses.

A caveat in the current site is that it tends to log off clients after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. This is especially inappropriate when using the live betting section, but can be prevented if you make sure to make at least one interaction with the page every 5-10 minutes.

888sport Mobile

When you are on the go 888sport can be accessed  through mobile on a platform designed for this specific purpose. Everything you find on the desktop version more or less corresponds to the mobile version. In the mobile version you find the same great range of markets - both pre-match and live - and navigating the mobile platform is very smooth and easy.

If you are not yet a customer, it is possible to register your account through mobile. For mobile deposits, the same payment options are available as on desktop version.

The main significant shortage of the mobile platform is a search function. With such a large offering of bets and markets available, it can sometimes be hard to guess the category hosting ie a special bet. A mobile search function working just as well as the one available on the desktop version, would be a great and much needed addition.

Payment options

For deposits, most major credit cards as well as bank, and wallets as Paypal, Skrill and Neteller, are available. When withdrawing from your account, 888sport follow the "source principle", meaning that you must first withdraw to the same source as the one used for latest deposit.

All deposits and withdrawals are free of charge, but be aware that there may occur losses on exchange from betting account currency to bank account currency, while Neteller, Skrill and Paypal can also imply a fee for transaction handling.


When in need of support, this can be obtained in several ways. The most direct ways of getting in touch with support is through live chat or telephone (toll-free). Email/online web form is also an option.

Be aware, though, that support is not available 24/7, but only from 9am-10pm (GMT). Outside these hours there is no support.

The response time on email/online form leaves a bit to be desired. Upon submit, you receive a confirmation that promises answers within 24 hours. We have not yet seen that this deadline was missed, but the response time is usually more than 6 hours and sometimes over 12 hours. If you have an urgent issue, you should ultimately resort to live chat or telephone support - provided you are able to do it within the operating hours...

A roughly similar response time can be expected when you initially verify your account after first withdrawal. In this process you are typically asked for a copy/scan of passport, credit card and bank statements before your withdrawal is actually processed.

On the positive side, 888sport have made a very comprehensive help guide available on their website. This guide contains a wealth of topics and issues, and you can also search in order to find answers to exactly the questions you want. Though, as comprehensive this guide is, it can not make up for the human support.

Stake Policy

As a customer might now and then stumble into market limits, which is an upper limit of stakes applied to all clients on a specific event/bet. This limit is typically applied to niche markets or in markets with low liquidity (eg. an event in a secondary league shortly after opening, where the market is not yet "set").

Generally, 888sport are not known to accept really big stakes, but conversely they do not have a reputation for being frugal once the bet is approved, as long as we're talking major markets of high global liquidity.


888sport is definitely a bookmaker to be recommended. In the central areas of offers, markets, bet types, odds and live betting, we rate them quite high. Whether looking for lots of special markets or high returns on the majority of the most popular markets, you will find 888sport able to meet any demand.

If you already have an account with Unibet, there is still reason to engage with 888sport; they might operate from the same platform and boast an almost identical variety of markets, but there are also differences, especially in bonus offers for both new and existing clients.