Terms and conditions of user profile

General conditions

  • When creating a member profile on BetXpert you are obliged to choose a unique login/username, a personal password, your email address and name.
  • Before you can log in to your member profile, you need to validate your email address. An email will be delivered to the address you submit upon registration, containing a link you need to click to enable login with your member profile.
  • Your login details are personal and must not be disclosed to third parties. You bear the full responsibility for any misuse of your login details.
  • All personal information provided upon registration of your BetXpert member profile is kept confidential by BetXpert, as per our Privacy Policy which is accessible in the footer section on all pages on our website.
  • You are responsible for storing and remembering your personal login details (username and password). Any person who can identify themselves with the correct username and password is considered the rightful proprietor of this profile, whether this person is actually authorized or not.
  • If you suspect that a third party has knowledge about your login details, you can always request a new password via the "Forgot password" feature found in the login section of BetXpert.
  • BetXpert is entitled to make necessary changes to the login function including, but not limited to, measures that ensure satisfactory operation hereof or to meet regulatory requirements.
  • If you have not logged in to your member profile 2 years, BetXpert reserve the right to delete your user profile without further notice. However, in such case, you are welcome to create a new user profile.

Specific conditions for Forums, PM, Chat & comment features

BetXpert reserves the right - without notice or further notification - to delete or edit forum posts, chat posts containing where content disputes one or several of the following guidelines: 

  • All posts and comments must relate to the nature of this website, ie. focus on sports or betting.
  • Advertising on behalf of third parties, whether this is by direct linking or by the use of referral links, are not allowed. However, it is permissible to refer to another website if you do not have personal interest in the particular third party, and if the reference is of relevance to the context where it occurs. If the content of the third party referred to is inconsistent to our need to protect our own advertising interests, we reserve the right to remove hyperlinks.
  • Quotes or reproductions of content from other websites must always be followed by a clear, unquestionable reference to the source (name, not link).
  • Offensive language is not permitted. This includes the use of foul language towards or about other members of BetXpert, athletes or any other third party. Discriminatory expressions are by no means accepted.
  • Posts whose sole purpose is to bring other people or companies into disrepute will not be accepted.
  • All members are require to show a general respect for other members of BetXpert. Undocumented or unfair criticism of other members are not accepted.
  • Posts should always be placed in the forum room of most relevance to the overall subject. We refer to the applicable guidelines for each forum, and the general description hereof. Posts should always be relevant to any thread in which it is posted. If a new thread is created, this should always be titled with a relevant and informative title related clearly to the post itself.
  • In posts containing betting tips, members are obliged to present rational and valid arguments for the tip. Presumptuous or cocksure arguments must be avoided, as this does not comply with our general commitment to our visitors to present a serious betting service.
  • In posts containing betting tips, members must avoid mentioning specific stakes amounts, as any given amount will most likely be arbitrary to anyone else than the poster. A far better expression of the potential value for any tip will be an expression of units staked (ie. 8 out of 10) and/or a probability assessment (eg. 63%).
  • On any member-to-member services on the BetXpert platform it is strictly forbidden to distribute content from paid services, including, but not limited to, articles, access codes, paid tips etc.
  • Guidelines and recommendations given to any member from administrators and moderators should always be followed.

BetXpert reserves the right to block login access for any member that do not comply with the above terms and conditions. In most cases, the first breach of terms and conditions by a member will result in a warning, while any severe and/or repeated breach will result in an immediately block of login access for the particular member profile for an adequate period of time.

If you believe that you have been unfairly treated by an administrator or moderator, please inform us immediately on or by using the Contact form available from the bottom of all pages on BetXpert.